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Sweaterday: Almost there

Sleeves are done! And now they’re drying.


One of the reasons I’m really excited about this pattern is that I’ve never done saddles sleeves before. The long strip above the sleeve cap forms the top of the shoulder, extending the cable from the sleeve.

So… that’s really the majority of the cardigan finished! I could have finished the sleeves earlier this week, but I opted to go a bit slow and get some other things finished in the meantime.


I’ll still have to do the collar and front bands, but I expect I should have a finished, or very nearly finished, cardigan by the end of the month. Just in time for the cooler temperatures we’ve had here lately!

Happy Saturday knitting!

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  1. I´ve downloaded “stonecutters” too, and it´s interesting to see how you´re working the pattern…that means I don´t have to invent dynamite the second I decide to start my own “stonecutters”…:) Nice Work!

    1. Amy’s patterns are incredibly well-written. This is the …third this year, I think, and I have one more lined up. If you just trust her pattern, you should be completely golden!

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