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Home-made Felt Flowers

Pinterest is such an awesome site for coming across all sorts of inspirational images and ideas. A couple of months ago, I came across this tutorial for a dahlia made from felt, and I knew I was going to have to make one.

The original tutorial was in mind to make a felt flower brooch for Mother’s day. I decided I wanted it to be a hair clip instead. Last weekend, I picked up some maroon wool felt from Mama Said Sew and spent some quality time with fabric glue.

Pro tip: Fabric glue is awesome in that it will literally only stick to fabric (and your fingers, but it does come off easily) but it doesn’t always want to stick to fabric at first. There are some messy bits on the finished flower where I had to get a little zealous with the fabric glue. But I still love wearing it! I tried to hot glue the barrette to the back, but it didn’t stick, so I ended up sewing it in place—super easy.

I also made a couple of poppies for Veterans’ Day last week, and I have my mind set to make a few more. So much fun!

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