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Resolutions of a sort

It may seem that the middle of January is a strange time to post resolutions or goals for the whole year, but it’s better than the end of the month, right? I’ve posted knitting-related goals for the last couple of years, and early on I was pretty solid at sticking […]

2013 Gifts for Knitters Guide

Yes, it is Wednesday, and yes, Wednesdays are reserved for WIP Wednesday posts, however… I finished my Hiro last night and haven’t worked any more on the second sleeve for my mom’s cardigan, so I have nothing in progress to show you. You can totally sneak a peek at Hiro, […]

Rhinebeck Recap

Rhinebeck was a blast. A terrible-for-my-plans-to-stash-down blast, but I’m not sure what else I expected. I originally wrote a much longer post but then when I added the photos, the post got really long and also I forgot to upload some of my other photos, so this is Rhinebeck recap […]

New Year Planning

Some of us have spent the last few weeks looking forward to the new year (well, those of us who were pretty sure the world wasn’t actually going to end on December 21). Most of this year was not so fantastic for me and I’m having trouble believing that 2013 […]

Kickstart: Felicia Lo

I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite yarn dyers on Saturday, and I’m glad I jumped on that opportunity! Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns was in Colorado to tape a spinning video for Craftsy, and as two of the yarn shops in my town carry SGY […]

Month in Review: April 2012

One more month done, one month closer to my trip to Paris. In real life, April was down more than it was up, but there were good times with friends and other highlights. May will probably be more of the same, but hopefully with just as much knitting and hanging […]

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