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Last Friday in January! Also the last Friday before the Puff Stitch Scarf Crochetalong starts! I’ll make another post about this next week; be sure to let us know if you’re playing in the Ravelry group!

On the blogging front, I realized yesterday that there’s a recently finished object I can talk about now, and I will most definitely photograph a few outstanding FOs this weekend (you know, those FOs I meant to photograph last weekend and then left at home because I’m a dunce).

  • I am obsessed with cables, I may have mentioned that before, and so I love these Oden Socks ($6) by Mia Dehmer.

  • Natalia Moreva’s Irish Vine Mittens ($4.99) are lovely stranded colorwork mittens. I love the slightly tweedy yarn used in the sample.

  • Wimberley ($6) is a new Kitman Figueroa shawl and it’s just as intricate and lovely as all her others.

  • I somewhat disagree with the name of Meiju K-P’s Easy Cardigan (€4.80); not that I think it would be a particularly difficult cardigan, but it’s not one that I would necessarily recommend for a beginner garment knitter. That doesn’t mean that the side-to-side cables and slanted silhouette aren’t gorgeous, though!

  • Hilary Smith Callis’s Nyx Cardigan ($6) is an asymmetrical jacket with a pocket and a deep ribbed neck. It’s absolutely gorgeous in this heathered yarn.

  • I haven’t yet read any Captain Marvel comics, but I love that Nikol Lohr has knit a version of Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat (free). My friend Lindsey pointed this out to me and now I’m trying to scrounge up the yarn to knit it for her. Photo borrowed from Kelly Sue DeConnick’s blog.

  • Snow White ($2) by Isabelle Demarchais is a simple vest with a center cable detail to add interest. Great for layering, since the weather seems to have developed a manic personality.

  • Easy and cozy, Melissa Trenholm’s Laura Pullover (CAD$5.99) plays with construction—top-down raglan to the empire waist, then side-to-side garter stitch with a simple seam up the back.

All project photos are taken from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. Kitman’s new shawl is my favorite! I am not a particularly good lace knitter, but sometime soon I’m just gonna buy a pattern, whip out my itty-bitty yarn, and work until it’s perfect.

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