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FO: Maxfield Cardigan

Heeeey it’s been a while since we’ve done this Finished Object post thing, hasn’t it? I feel like my knitting mojo is making a return. And just in time for… 100° days. Makes you just want to layer on the woolies, doesn’t it?


I left my house super early this morning to try to take advantage of the fleeting coolness from the night. It sort of worked—I didn’t die of heat exhaustion—but I got pretty warm very quickly. So, good news! Lorna’s Laces Sportmate, in addition to being incredibly soft and shiny and fun to knit with, is quite warm. And I love it as a substitute in the Maxfield Cardigan


I think by now most of you know about my love affair with pretty much every pattern Amy Christoffers has ever designed, and the affair continues. These chevrons were so much fun to knit.


I added a repeat to the body, which in turn required an additional repeat to the front bands and more stitches picked up for the ribbing. Don’t ask me how many more stitches, I didn’t count. I’m a rebel.


Yesterday morning, I finished weaving in the last of the ends, and blocked it for an hour or two, then laid it out to dry. It was almost completely dry by yesterday evening, it’s been so hot here and my house get’s that stuffy. (Setting a tower fan on it didn’t hurt, but it wouldn’t have dried that quickly a week ago.)


So happy to have finished this, so sad to not get to wear it for a while.

Also, this cardigan is excellent for spinning.


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  1. I just love your color choices for this and have enjoyed seeing the sneak peaks throughout the process. You make me want to knit this. I still have my first cardigan — the Effortless Cardigan — on my needles. Maybe I should finish that first.

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