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Super Six: September 2013

September! What the hell are you doing here? No really. I’m still missing March and April from earlier this year so mentally I’m about two months behind. BUT! There are some awesome things happening in September, and these are my top six awesome things.

1. TRAVEL. I’m going to Maine in a little more than two weeks! One of my cousins is getting married and I jumped at this opportunity to get out of dodge for a little while and visit with family I don’t get to see and maybe actually experience some autumn (it’s still disgustingly hot here, it will probably start to shift before I leave for Maine but there’s no telling). AND I’m taking a whirlwind driving tour of part of the southeast to help a pair of friends move to Arizona. I’m sad to see them go and take one of my favorite teacup humans with them, but I just figure this is an opportunity to visit another new place in disguise.

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2. MOVIES. Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 both come out on disc this month and I have pre-orders for both and I’M NOT SORRY. STID wasn’t as awesome as it could have been and definitely has some thematic problems but I still enjoyed it. And IM3 was just excellent.

3. TV. I don’t have TV service but I am going to figure out a way to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when it begins to air later this month. I think ABC does online streaming. I may have to subscribe to HULU. I will figure out a way.

4. AUTUMN. AS I said it’s still very much not autumn here at the moment, but I can feel it, just around the corner. I am not sure if fall is my favorite season or if it just comes after my least favorite season so I cling to it that much more. Although pumpkin-flavored everything does help.

5. ME TIME. August continued to be kind of crazy busy so I’m planning to take some me time when I can this month, starting with making zero plans for this coming weekend.

6. CIVILIZATION V. This is the computer game I’ve been sucked into and I’m not sorry. It’s just as fun as I remember it being, and I like the changes that have been made since the last version I had and yeah. This might wreck some of my productivity. Oops.

So that’s what I’m looking forward to in September! How about you?

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  1. Traveling sounds fantastic! I’m looking forward to autumn. It’s absolutely my favourite season. Can’t wait. Also: looking forward to pumpkin spice muffins from Tim Hortons. So good. Yay to pumpkin flavoured everything!

    1. Autumn is so great. And yes, pumpkin flavored everything! I bought “Pumpkin Crunch” popcorn the other evening—it’s caramel coated popcorn with some chocolate drizzle and a few of the pieces are coated in a pumpkin shell. SO TASTY. I had to hide it from myself.

  2. Call me weird but I’m looking forward to fall television, especially Earthflight (a documentary about birds), and Halloween beauty product collections.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Civ 5. I’ve been debating buying it, and you’re the second person this week to talk about being sucked in, so I just might have to give it a whirl… And hopefully still sneak in some knitting here and there.

    1. Yeah if I could figure out how to knit while punching keyboard buttons, well, I’d be better off all around but it would make me feel better about getting sucked into playing this game!

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