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Happy Monday! Last Monday of September—there’s only three more months left in the year! Crazy town.

Knits in the News
Okay this is just too much fun—a knitting simulator can be used with the computer, or if you’re techy, you could always rig up a pair of knitting needles to control game play. This is only available on Macs, and I’ve downloaded it but haven’t played yet. Have you?

Not only is this knitter’s doodle font from Laylock super cute and fun, this post tells you how to install unique fonts on iOS devices. So cool! (So nerdy!)

Completely honest, I haven’t yet watched this video in its entirely but the screenshot is a super cute sheep so I’m sure it’s going to be great.

These are some incredible images from a gallery using large scale knitting.

An interesting potential way to un-felt accidentally felted knits gets an in-depth review from Clara Parkes. Would you use a product like this or recycle an accidental felt into something new?

Ya’ll know how much I love Amy Christoffers’s patterns, and it’s partly because of her attention to detail. So I love this post about how she pays attention to finishing techniques even from the beginning of the project.

Andi Satterlund has an eBook all about seamless set-in sleeves. Have you used this technique before? Let me know what you think of it!

You’ve probably heard but Isaac Mizrahi has created a yarn line. Let me know if you find this yarn in a LYS and what you think of it!

Here’s a cool Q&A with the MillaMia team. I haven’t used their yarn yet but I really like the look of it and think they have some lovely designs.

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  1. Wool week needed more cute sheepies and less people, but still cute.

    I love, love Issac M, but IDEK about these yarns. I still have at least a dozen things from his Target line. Maybe the yarns will be better in person?

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