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argh Mondays are KILLING ME lately. So this is going to be another really long Last Week on the Web, as it comprises two weeks.

One more TNNA review, this time from Joanna Johnson of Slate Flalls Press.

Knitty did a round up of Knit in Public posts!

Best Tumblr ever, or BEST TUMBLR EVER? Google Sheep View

This is an unfortunate event and the perpetrators are douches but is this not one of the greatest headlines of our time? Tiny Scottish Island Experiences First Crime in 50 Years With Six Wooly Hats Stolen

Yarn trucks are becoming a thing! Now if I can just get one to open up next to a coffee truck and a baked goods truck, I will never need to go anywhere else. Until the trucks move, obviously.

Allyson at The Sweatshop of Love proves once again that that she’s probably the tamest crazy person on the planet.

This guy wins all the awards for crafty nerdiness: I mean, that’s the least you can achieve for spending SIX YEARS crocheting a blanket.

This team created a way to knit scarves based on a person’s brain waves. While listening to Bach. Classy!

IT’S A BABY GOAT IN A SUNFLOWER COSTUME. That’s really all you need to know.

Tired of the crazy amount of stash in your house but can’t bear to part with leftovers? Use them as wall art!

Emily at Berroco explains how to sew a zipper to a knitted garment

Generally I’m all for skipping pompoms (unless they make cool images) but here’s a tip for using your yarn winder to make pompoms.

Julie at Knitted Bliss pulled together some tips on how to knit faster for beginners, intermediate-level knitters, and more advanced knitters. There are some good tips here but really, the only way to get better/faster at anything is to KEEP DOING IT. A lot. A lot a lot.

ALL OF THE PATTERN COLLECTIONS LAUNCHED LAST WEEK. The new patterns view in Ravelry moved really fast, thanks to Vogue Knitting Early Fall, Knitscene Fall 2015, and these incredible collections:

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  1. Such an amazing roundup, love all these links! And thanks for the shout out, I feel honoured to be listed in your round up. it’s so true, it felt like absolutely everything launched last week, I’m still getting caught up.

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