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WIP Wednesday

First, thank you everyone who commented on my last Friday Finds post! I didn’t mean to go AWOL after that—I had a Friday Finds post ready to go for last Friday and then things go wacky and I just didn’t finish posting it, so you’ll be seeing that this Friday. […]

Sweaterday: Keeping On

Not a lot has changed since we last saw Raindance. That’s not entirely true, it just looks as though not a lot has changed. See last week I was about halfway through the front yoke. This week, I’m done with the front yoke, the left shoulder and back, the right […]

Sweaterday: Two-Tone

I made so much progress on my Raindance over the last week! Spending seven hours in a car over the weekend on the way to and from Steamboat Springs will do that for a person. It’s a lot of stockinette stitch and pretty boring but great for being in a […]

Sweaterday: Swimming Along

I made a lot of progress on my I∂unn sweater this week. I brought four balls of yarn (which miraculously arrived the night before I left—a mailperson dropped them off around 7 PM, well after my regular mail had been delivered—I’m not sure what happened there), and knit all four […]

Sweaterday: Belated Edition

This weekend got away from me in a variety of ways, so I didn’t get around to posting this on Saturday. Or Sunday. But I wanted to show you all the progress I’ve made on my Roam Tunic, and how I went a little bit crazy after last week’s launch […]

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