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Knitting Goals for 2014

I’m a big believer in setting goals, not really making resolutions. Resolving to eat better or knit more socks is fine in theory, but for me, to actually see the kind of results I want, I need to be incredibly specific, which in my mind is antithetical to resolutions. But […]

WIP Thorsday

The facts are these. Super fast and without much commentary because this week… THIS WEEK. Ugh. Rosemary Cardigan First sleeve is done, second sleeve looks like this, nothing else has happened because of Hiro. Hiro Body is done! Yep. Will probably start on the sleeves tomorrow. Or give my wrists […]

WIP Wednesday

The facts are these. Long Sands Cardigan I FINISHED IT. Yes, I started a cardigan on Monday, September 30, and finished the knitting on Sunday, October 6. Because I’m a CRAZY PERSON. And because it’s bulky weight yarn and anything is possible with the power of bulky. No pictures of […]

WIP Wednesday

It has come to this. I have a stupid amount of WIPs and keep thinking “Oh I want to work on that other thing” and I need to STOP. I need to finish these things and crack on with a few other things and focus. The facts are these. Baby […]

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