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Yarn shopping in Paris

This post is a long time in coming, but I’m going to take a moment to ask again for folks to submit questions for a Q&A post later this month! Seriously, ask me anything. I’m curious to hear what you might want to talk about! I have a wide variety […]

Sweaterday: One down, four more to go

Vivian is DONE. Done done done. Aside from the zipper. But she’s currently finishing drying after her dip in the woolwash yesterday morning, so I’m calling her done. Hopefully soon I’ll have quality finished object photos and I can talk about her in detail. The new hotness (yes, I said […]

I do know better, really

I know better than to think that I can go to a fiber event and not buy anything. I must have gone a bit batty when I thought that I could. Allow me to explain. Last week, I discovered via one of the LYS’s Twitters that the 4th Annual KnitWear […]

Craft Fairs!

This past weekend was craft fair weekend, apparently. Saturday morning, the French Nest Open Air Market took place at the City Park in Fort Collins. A large number of vendors of all sorts of crafty and vintage varieties set up on the lawn, and a couple of friends and I […]

Bits and bobs

One project on the blocking boards, stretching out and hopefully drying out soon so I can weave in the ends and take some finished object pictures. A little ball of Koigu sent to me by an incredibly generous and lovely woman on Ravelry. The color matches perfectly and I CAN […]

Photographic lament

Oh, Florida weather. Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State, but anyone who’s lived here long enough and perhaps visited frequently enough will be able to tell you that during the summer, it rains every. Single. Day. And I like the rain, and we apparently always need the rain when it […]

Year of Natural Fibers

The United Nations General Assembly appointed 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres. They probably did this a while ago and I’ve just been living under a rock. I am totally in support of anything that emphasizes natural fibers. I mean, come on, which is cuter: or Exactly. BUT […]

Very soon, the Shawl Post

Soon, very, very soon, I will be posting about the Wedding Shawl. But first, I’m going to show off my new yarns. This skein and the next two yarns in the photos are payment yarn for a project I worked on a little while ago. That beauty up there is […]

The generosity of others

People can be incredibly awesome. I am quite frequently blown away by how awesome people can be. Take Preita for example. She recently celebrated her blogiversary, and in a truly Hobbit-like fashion decided to have a giveaway contest to celebrate. My number was drawn, which was a welcome change, as […]

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