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Sweaterday: One down, four more to go

Vivian is DONE. Done done done. Aside from the zipper. But she’s currently finishing drying after her dip in the woolwash yesterday morning, so I’m calling her done. Hopefully soon I’ll have quality finished object photos and I can talk about her in detail.

The new hotness (yes, I said it) is my Petrie. I think something in simple stockinette was the right call, post-Vivian. I’m also thinking that this was a good idea, because it will give me a beginner’s introduction to seaming garments. However, with only two pieces, it’s not as intimidating as having to seam multiple pieces might be.

Petrie in progress

I’m using Berroco Pure Pima for my Petrie, which was the yarn used in the pattern from Knitty. I haven’t used much cotton before this—typically, I think cotton is a rough and not-knitter-friendly yarn, but the Pure Pima is a pleasant surprise. It’s smooth, with a lovely sheen and fabulous drape and I’m excited about working on this project. I will say, though, I’m glad I bought a Bryspun circular needle for this project. The Bryspuns have rather blunt tips, and the construction of this yarn—eight 2-ply strands lightly spun together—makes it really prone to splitting, and having softer, rounder tips on the needles cuts down dramatically on the amount of split stitches. I’m not loving the joins in these needles, but that’s a simple bargain for a nice, even fabric.

Being a simple, two-piece stockinette project, I imagine that Petrie will be done in no time. I’m so excited!

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    1. Me too! This color turned out to be exactly what I wanted, and this tank is knitting up fast! I’m just a few rows away from finishing the back.

  1. Congratulations on finishing Miss Vivian! The colour you chose for you petrie is absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t worked with that yarn, but I haven’t met a Berroco yarn I haven’t liked yet.

    My next cast on will be the Que Sera actually, I’m completely in love with it. I also haven’t made anything (well a baby blanket) in cotton so it’ll be a nice change. I think the fun part will be picking out the yarn <3

    1. Thank you! Petrie’s coming along quite nicely, I must say. And this yarn is excellent, as long as you take into effect it’s desire to be incredibly splitty.

      I can’t wait to see your Que Sera!

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