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Crazy tangled yarn delivered to friend to deal with? Check.
Realization that even at her fastest and if she had nothing else to do, it would still be a little while before I had yarn back? Check.
Decision to re-draw numbers and move on to possibly revisit Wishbone in the future? Check.

The new plan calls for Véronik Avery’s Spiral Boot Socks. I’ll be using Berroco’s Comfort DK.

My Comfort DK is pink, but I had to include this picture to show why I’m much happier with this idea. The yarn comes in center-pull skeins. No winding necessary.

Carry on!

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  1. The comfort does split a little bit, in my experience, but I love working with it. I’ve only made baby items, but they all came out nicely, and the machine-washable factor is a huge plus for socks! I have the Comfort Sock-weight in my stash and have wondered what to make w/it, but might do some baby stuff instead of socks. Carry on! 😉

    1. Yeah, I used the Comfort worsted weight to attempt a design at a pair of gloves. It did not end well. And because all of the fingers were knit individually, not only did the gloves not end well, but the yarn ended up in many pieces. : Uh, long way of saying “yep, I know it’s splitty!” 😉

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