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FO: Itineris

You remember when I said I was done with laceweight for a while?

Yeah, I apparently lied to all of us. My bad.

See, this is why I shouldn’t go into any of my LYS. They all have amazing samples knit up, and My Sister Knits had a version of Hilary Smith Callis’ Itineris sitting in the store the day I happened to venture in to see if I could get an additional skein of yarn to finish my mom’s cardigan. I’ve been wanting my own Itineris for a while now. I happened t see the original sample a few months ago and fell in love with it. So seeing another sample, in the flesh, in a store that carried the Anzula Cloud that the pattern called for…

It’s pretty obvious by now where this story is going.

For all that it’s laceweight yarn (again), it is on size 6 needles, so it knits up pretty quickly. Even more quickly if you’re completely obsessed with watching season 2 of Vikings and kind of forget to do all the things around the house you planned on doing on a Sunday. (And even more quickly if you realize you need the interchangeable cable to swatch again for a sweater.) The pattern is nice and simple, great on-the-go knitting.

This yarn is so soft. I ended up with my school colors again (in this case, Poppy and Black) and now I’m wondering if I picked my university because I just liked the color combination. And it will be so warm when the weather finally stops trying to kill me. I’ve got enough yarn leftover to knit a second Itineris if I switch the colors but I really don’t need two of these in the same colors so… anyone want to the leftovers? If you use Poppy as the MC and black as the CC, you can totally knit your own Itineris and be my fraternal shawl twin. First person to leave a comment claiming dibs gets the yarn in the mail. Seriously. Edit: The Yarn has been claimed!

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    1. Thanks Teresa! Ironically, I’m trying to pull the blue out of the hair, so that it’s a better shade to take the dye when I go back to my salon in a few weeks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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