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Month in Review: July 2014

If you happened to see this go live earlier, sorry about that! I started a post, set it to go live at a certain time, and then forgot to actually update it. I swear there’s content for July.

In fact there’s some content I finished but haven’t blogged about yet, so you’ll see those next week. One of them is a hat I gifted to a friend, the other is my Sislana. But I also knocked out Itineris

…and finally (finally) finished the Rosemary Cardigan for my mother (and she likes it!).

So I would call this a productive month indeed!

I launched a new weekly blog post series, Last Week on the Web. I’m enjoying searching for news stories that are related to yarn crafting, so I think this will stick around for a while.

And finally, I talked about my love of Second Avenue Swag’s project bags, because they are awesome.

Goal re-cap
Goal 1: No buying yarn
The yarn I ordered in June arrived, and I bought the yarn for Itineris and the gifted hat—but I also knit out the Itineris, gifted hat, and Sislana yarn immediately so I’m calling this a win.

Goal 1b: Knit the queue I queued up Sislana a few …days before I started knitting it, so also calling this a win. Look, these are my goals, I can be a bit fudgy if I want.

Goal 2: Selfless Knitting Gifted hat FTW!

Goal 3: Finished WIPs Blammo, Rosemary Cardigan.

See, productive month! How was your July?

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  1. I haven’t been reading your blog for that long and didn’t know that “last week on the web” is new, but I love the series, good to hear that you gonna stick with it!

    I knit a shawl that I will give away to a friend this month and cast off a vest for me, so although I am on vacation at my parent’s place and there are always a lot of friends to meet it was a quite productive month!

    1. Yep, I just started LWotW in July! I kept finding news items and thinking “how do I tell people about them” and lo.

      That is a good month of productivity, especially for being on vacation! Well done!

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