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Last Week on the Web

Here we are, another Monday and another Last Week on the Web post! Kind of a light week, but what this post is lacking in quantity it makes up for in awesome quality. Enjoy!

Knits in the News
How to Knit according to ridiculous stock photos

For about thirty seconds, this made me want to spin again: a “spinning wheel” made out of LEGO!

Happy birthday to Molly, who celebrated her 104th birthday recently—and has been knitting for nearly a century.

Finally—an ad in which knitting is correctly executed by none other than Rashida Jones.

Stitch Sprouts demonstrates Emily Ocker’s cast on in a video. Use this cast-on method to begin projects that start circularly with few stitches, such as the top of a hat, a counterpane, or even sock toes.

The Midwestern Knits book is here! Check out all the patterns on Ravelry. Did you get a copy yet? Co-author Carina Spencer shared a bit of an inside peek on her blog, so be sure to check it out! I’ll be reviewing this book in a live tweet review when I have time (hopefully this week).

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