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Sweaterday: Two-Tone

I made so much progress on my Raindance over the last week! Spending seven hours in a car over the weekend on the way to and from Steamboat Springs will do that for a person. It’s a lot of stockinette stitch and pretty boring but great for being in a […]

Welcome to the new blog site!

Here we are at the new and maybe one day improved! As I mentioned on the old blog, I haven’t had much to write about. I am working on my Lilac Wine cowl and it’s coming along quite well. It’s a bunch of 1×1 ribbing, so not terribly thrilling […]

Sweaterday: The Home Stretch

Miss Vivian, as I have taken to calling my sweater (in my head, that is; this is the first time I’ve referred to her as such “out loud”), is very nearly complete… ish. Both sleeves are done, and last night I joined them with the body and started working on […]

Things we are not discussing

1. We are not discussing how many times it took me to knit and then re-knit the toe of this sock. 2. We are not discussing the numerous modifications I made and how I didn’t write any of them down so I can absolutely repeat them on the second sock. […]

A good day for knitwear

I tried something new yesterday—sledding. Florida doesn’t really have hills and definitely doesn’t have snow, and my family was never one for traveling much in the winter, so I’d never really had a chance to try out snow sports like sledding. So it would have been a great day to […]

Sweaterday: La Vivian

Things just sound better with a foreign language article placed in front of them, don’t they? Maybe that’s just me. So, I did begin my Vivian, and I’ve made it 40 rows so far. This is more exciting to photograph, it just requires me remembering to photograph it and talk […]

The new bane: stockinette!

Would it be weird for me to have the body of my Owls sweater in stockinette and do the sleeves in seed stitch or something? Because DEAR LORD, I’m hating stockinette right now. I almost want to purl. And I hate purling. Obviously, having already started on one of the […]

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