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FO: Iðunn Sweater

And finally in the latest parade of finished objects is my Iðunn Sweater.


So I love this sweater. Love it. Am quite cross with the weather for being entirely too warm for this sweater.


If you look at the original pattern, you’ll see I did add some modifications. My mods are listed on my Ravelry project page. The most obvious modification is that I didn’t steek this into a cardigan. I love the way the cardigan looks, but I have a lot of cardigans. I cast on for the same number of stitches and simply worked the pattern repeat one extra time. I probably could have done without that extra repeat, as the sweater is a little looser than I generally like it, but it also makes for easier layering.


I added waist decreases and increases. I probably could have done without the increases, as the sweater is a bit voluminous around the bottom, but not so much that I feel uncomfortable wearing it.


I shortened the sleeves mostly out of laziness. I’m just being honest with you.


Of course, knitting one Icelandic-style sweater has made me want to knit so many more! But I am determined to knit from my queue and knit down my stash and there aren’t any more patterns in my possession + yarns in any Icelandic style.

Meanwhile my Raindance sweater is full-steam ahead—finished the left side of the yoke today, now onto the right side—and we’re voting for the next round of the Designer KAL in the Sweater Odyssey group…

Now if we could just get a really good cold snap so I could wear this a few more times.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the way you’re wearing it here with the collared shirt underneath. It looks really nice. I was about to say I’m sure you’ll wear it a ton but I forgot not everyone lives in Alaska! I wear sweaters like that all year!

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