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Year in Review: 2013

Normally this space is reserved for WIP Wednesday, but I haven’t had a chance to photograph where I am in the …three projects I’m working on. So a quick blurb: Rosemary Cardigan is back on track, really just have to knit a couple more rows to finish the back. I’m feeling frighteningly good about this (“frighteningly” because I get nervous when I feel confident about a thing I can’t match to a person’s real-life body). I’ve started my Plum Rondo, having finished one sleeve. And I cast on for another project for a swap partner last night—planning to take the other Rondo sleeve and this secret project on a trip this weekend.

That’s my progress in 2014 so far. Let’s take a look at the year that was 2013, in pictures of knitting!

I finished six sweaters for me in 2013.

2013: Sweaters

From top left: Iðunn, Raindance, Maxfield. From bottom left: Gemini, Long Sands, and Hiro

I knit some things for wee people: two cardigans, a crochet blanket, and this adorable jumper that doesn’t have a proper photo yet (I’ve been promised one by the mother, though the baby in question isn’t intended to arrive until the end of this month).

All told, I finished 37 projects in 2013. Approximate calculations tell me that I knit more than 16,000 yards of yarn this year (based on projects that I marked as finished after January 1, 2013). That’s about 7,000 yards short of the marathon’s worth of yarn goal that I arbitrarily assign myself. Unfortunately there was also a lot of yarn coming in over the year, so my net total is not quite as impressive, but THIS YEAR! This year will be filthy with yarn leaving my house. Filthy.

(I hope.)

How did you do in 2013?

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  1. Wow. I…barely get to call myself a knitter for 2013.

    Two adult hats (one for me, one for a swap)
    One baby hat
    One baby blanket
    One circular shawl (for a swap)
    One scarf (knit mostly in 2012 but finished in January 2013)
    One pair of mittens (ditto)
    Eighteen thousand (give or take a few) dishcloths, almost all of ’em in the Baby Genius pattern

    That’s…nothing. Ugh.

      1. It just doesn’t feel like a lot, especially because almost all of it got sent to other people. Oi. And now all I can focus on is how I can’t seem to knit Actual Warm Things, which I so desperately need, so I’m like, eh, guess I’ll make some more dishcloths! All of my gorgeous yarns are sitting unloved. I did start a scarf with some Rhinebeck yarn but I’m unhappy with it for various reasons so it hasn’t been touched since the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. I am ~2/3 of the way finished with the lace border on my Lunar Tide Shawl (my Odd Ducks Winter Madness project from TWK) and will be pleased when it’s finished. And during the Olympics I plan to finally block my Holden! It won’t be warm enough to wear it for another few months, but at least it will be ready and waiting for me!

        You should come visit and we should have a massive FO photoshoot in the park. My Rav projects page is so sad-looking these days.

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